Beware of fraudulent pest control in Dubai- Here’s how?

Beware of fraudulent pest control in Dubai

The upsurge in temperature in Dubai causes pests to look for shade, food, and a hideout. They eventually find a place in your home and become a headache for you. You do not want to deal with those insects and bugs yourself, so you call Pest Control Services In Dubai for help. But wait! There are many such service providers in Dubai, how can you find the trustworthy one? With that in mind, here we tell you how you can be aware of the fraudulent pest control in Dubai.. 

1. Permanent contracts!

Many service providers in Dubai make you believe that by signing a year-long contract with them is the only way to have a pest free home. Well, this is not necessarily true. They are just trying to get a permanent customer for them! So, beware of such service providers. Do a thorough research about what they are offering. Make sure that they are genuine and honest before signing a contract with them.

2. Free inspections

Some Pest Control Companies In Dubai go door to door to offer free inspections. When they come to your home, they might claim things like growth of pests in the neighbourhood to make you panic so that you hire them. They often come with chemicals which are either outdated or substandard and can be harmful for your family members. So don’t be fooled by such service providers offering cheap pest control in Dubai. 

3. Offer no guarantee.

This one is obvious. You would not want to hire anybody who does not guarantee his work. They are often untrained and don’t know proper techniques to exterminate pests. They lack knowledge about chemicals and their usage. It is highly recommended that you hire Pest Control Services In Dubai which provide guarantee as well as warranty for their work. Hiring service providers which do not provide guarantee can be risky for you and your family.

4. Fake testimonials

To get the sense of the quality of their work, you might want to check the testimonials which speak about their work done in the past. But the problem is that these testimonials can often by fabricated. This is one of the common tricks that fraud pest service providers do to convince homeowner. You should always keep in mind that there is no guarantee that the testimonials they show are authentic. 

5. The license scam

This is the scam that homeowners mostly fall for. In this scam you are made to consult or talk to the licensed professional. He shows you his license, as he usually has very good knowledge, you are easily convinced. But then a different guy shows up at work who is not well acquainted with tools and does not have proper knowledge about chemicals. Most service providers require only one professional to be licensed legally who is then certified to spray pesticides in home. Scam companies have their single licensed employee available for consulting. The rest of the employees are not certified and are sent to spray pesticide in your home.
These were some of the ways in which fraudulent Pest Control Companies scam you. It is necessary to be knowledgeable about these tricks and techniques. There are very well established pest services control in Dubai who provide guaranteed work and are licensed. They also provide cheap pest services in Dubai which is affordable. It is better to hire services from them instead of falling into one of the above traps. We hope you become more aware and choose pest services wisely. Stay safe.

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