5 tips for terminating pests from gardens in Dubai

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We all love to have a garden of our own. We do hard work right from planting the seeds to watering the plants to maintain a beautiful and healthy garden. However, we feel very disappointed when we see pests treating it as a salad bar. We definitely want to keep those away from our garden. But calling Pest Control Dubai time and again to ward off these insects becomes unaffordable at times. So, below we have outlined five tips for terminating pests from gardens easily. 

1.  Choose your plants wisely.

Sometimes preventing pests in your garden can be as simple as choosing your plants wisely. Some plants are more prone to be invaded by pests than others. They are more preferred by some insects and bugs. Always try to choose pest resistant varieties of plants. You can do some research about this or consult some horticulturist to get a proper knowledge about plants and their various varieties. A little bit of research and wisdom can save your garden from pests later. 

2. Choose proper pesticide

Spraying a random pesticide for terminating the pests from garden can do more harm than good. Selection of pesticide should be determined by the type of pests as well as type of plants in the garden. This can be difficult thing to do for a common homeowner. There are various Pest Control Services In Dubai that can help you with this. Some pesticides are meant to target particular kind of pests and, if used without considering it, they can cause some side effects on plants and consequently deteriorate their quality and health. Pest Control In Dubai is definitely not an easy thing but with proper consultation and research it becomes a bit easier. Pest Control Services In Dubai provide you with the knowledge about pesticides and their effectiveness as well as their side effects so you can choose the proper one.

3. Use a physical Barrier

The best way to discourage pests from coming to the plants is to employ the physical barrier. The floating row cover is mostly used to create a barrier between insects and plants. It is light weight, spun-bound fabric that rests on the top of the plants or on wire hoops. It is advisable to pin the sides to the ground to keep sneaky pests from crawling under the edges. In this way pests fail to find a way to the plants and eventually leave. However, there are still some chances for small insects, although very small in number, to sneak in and find their host. In that case, using a limited amount of pesticide is a good option. Using a physical barrier is definitely a cheap Pest Control In Dubai

4. Inter-planting

Inter-planting is an effective technique to prevent pests in the garden. Rather than planting a single crop in a row or block, mix everything up. By inter-planting different plants with each other- and with flowering herbs and annuals-pests have more difficult time locating their host forcing them to give up and leave the garden. In order to confirm that a particular plant is a suitable host, some pests have to land on plant a certain number of times. By employing inter-planting method with plants, pest might land on different plant species every time. Therefore, it confuses the pest and search is eventually given up. This is one of the most effective techniques used to get Pest Control In Dubai.

5. Strong scented herbs

Using strong scented herbs among the plants prove beneficial for preventing the pests from going near to the plants. This is a very easy way to make pests stay away from your garden. Some of the scented herbs you can use are garlic and coriander. They are very effective in deterring away the pests.
These were some of the ways which can help you protect your beautiful garden from pests. However, these are long term methods. To instantly get rid of the pests from your garden you can use proper pesticide. But as we described above, selecting a proper pesticide should not be done on your own. You should hire Pest Control Services In Dubai to help you with that. There are many such providers which provide cheap Pest Control In Dubai. We wish you good luck and happy gardening. 

Terminating pests from gardens

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