How Technologies Reshape Pest Control Services in Dubai

Pest Control Technologies in Dubai

The world is changing every day. Whether its small changes or incredible leaps done by a large group or just one person, technology has not just allowed for the advancement, but a court-side view to all the excitement right at your fingertips. Technology has played wonders in every field and now it is leaving impressions in the pest industry in every part of the world. In fact, the pest control companies in Dubai are continuously investigating new technologies and products for advancing the pest control and management ways. Along with efficiency, the technological evolution in Pest Control Services In Dubai has decreased the negative impacts on the environment and on non-target creatures.

The most important feature is that technology changed the way we communicate about pest control. It becomes easy to tackle with these tiny creatures once you are fully aware of their life history and here technology plays an important role. Scroll down to know some of the latest pest-control technologies and products used by various pest control companies in Dubai: 

1. Bio-Rational Materials

In recent years the pest control industry has moved toward least-impact products and services among which Bio- Rational materials are topping the list. These resources have been widely accepted by the pest industry in Dubai due to its environmentally friendly nature.

Bio-rational materials or pest control products that are relatively non-toxic and have a little negative impact on the environment. These materials are step towards sustainability and development. One such example is using pheromones to enhance existing control methods.

While pheromones are nothing new to pest control—professionals of Pest Control Dubai frequently use pheromones traps as a means to monitor pest populations—adding them to insecticides is a new concept.

Likewise, Insect Growth Regulators (IGRs) use synthetic replications of insect hormones. IGRs have been used by pest control professionals to disrupt pest lifecycles and prevent pests from reaching full maturity. But the most recent technique to emerge is combining IGRs that prevent pests from maturing properly with IGRSs that prevent pests from developing cuticles, or exoskeletons, leaving them defenseless and vulnerable. This combination of IGRs can be effective in preventing re-infestation of pests such as cockroaches.

As the trend toward bio-rational products and sustainable services continues, it will surely prove beneficial for pest industry in Dubai.

2. Using Second-Generation Green Products

Every industry is following green path, so how we expect pest industry to lag behind? Pest control industry in Dubai always focuses on using green products for public health perspective. But more and more, the demand for green products is shifting towards eco-protection. While green products have been on the market for some time, it’s the second-generation green products that are now emerging. These second-generation green products will have greater efficacy, better ingredients, and fewer downsides. Second-Generation Green products will cover all flaws of the first generation green products after all technology believes in giving you best.

3. Communication Tools

Technology is changing the way we share our thoughts and ideas with others. By the introduction of mobile data-capture devices, pest control professionals were able to capture real-time data about the location and nature of pest problems and then store it in a central database online that both facility managers and pest control professionals could access. With the introduction of new and latest versions of capture devices, one is able to simply track multiple facilities and allowed for more timely corrective actions and targeted pest-control treatments. But what was the biggest turn point in communication? Through video recording and real-time communication devices, such as Apple’s Face Time application and the GoPro video, property managers can capture video of their particular pest problem and relay it directly to their pest management professional for instant diagnosis and corrective action recommendations. Pest management professionals in Dubai can use video to record and narrate inspections which later on can be used as a demo for costumers. Communication possibilities through the technologies are endless. In the coming years, it will truly show us wonders which are going to be more fruitful for the pest industry.

4. Rodent Birth Control

For the past few years’ birth control process for pest birds such as pigeons are being used. Now the attention has turned towards Rodent Control Dubai. Though rodent control techniques are not yet on the Dubai market it can be an effective way to control prolific breeders such as rats and mice without negatively impacting many non-target creatures. So be on the lookout for rodent birth control in the near future.

5. Fly Baits

One of the latest revolutions in fly control is an insecticide sticker panel that can discreetly control a variety of fly species, including houseflies, blowflies, phorid flies, fruit flies, fungus gnats, and bottle flies. In this process, the small sticker is coated with insect food and an insecticide that has the ability to knockdown flies in just one minute upon contact. The best part of this innovation is that it does not release any fumes or odors once activated, and it can stay effective for up to seven months indoors.

This fly bait technology is designed to work in commercial settings and can be applied directly to areas where flies assemble, including windows, trash cans, under counters, behind equipment, and near floor drains and food storage areas.

The technology is making a lot of advancements in the pest industry of Dubai which will prove to be productive for fighting the battle against pests. So, be sure to talk to your pest management professional about these developing technologies and find out the best and modern way to tackle with these tiny creepy creatures.

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