Top 5 industries in Dubai which harness benefits from Pest-control services

Industries Harnessing Benefits of Pest Control in Dubai

Capitalizing its business-friendly policies, Dubai not only emerged as an economic capital of UAE (United Arab Emirates) but has also became a commercial hub for the entire globe. And if one talks about surging economic sectors of the world, he can’t ignore the pest control industry. The global pest control market is expected to touch $21.38 billion with a CAGR of 6.6% by 2026. Thus, it is estimated that this industry will generate about $18bn of sales per annum globally– according to a market survey published in the year 2018. Various factors which are facilitating this growth are mass urbanization, increased purchasing-power, climate change and much more. And Dubai being a global business hub, it becomes inevitable to talk about the Pest Control Services In Dubai!

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Though it is needless to mention how above-mentioned factors are impacting the growth scale of pest control in Dubai, it is time to know more about this growing economic sector. That’s why in this blog, we will find out what is the impact of the surge in growth of pest control companies in Dubai on other industries and how they harness the benefits out of it.

1. Food Industry:

Dubai attracts millions of people from all over the world – be it tourists on the spree to explore this land of adventures or millennials aspiring to give wings to their careers. Thus, this year-round presence of non-native people in Dubai has given a rise to the culture of eating at fast-food outlets or restaurants. Presence of junk food outlets at every corner increases the chance of mismanagement of waste material – thus the increased litter around such places increases the chances to attract pest infestation. To avoid this mishap and to ensure hygiene of these places, the food industry of this place highly relies upon the services of 2. best pest control services in Dubai.

2. Health and Sanitization Industry:

Vector-borne diseases like dengue and fever are on the rise. Approximately, 96m of such cases are estimated to be reported across the globe per year.
If this is the global statistic, imagine the impact it will have on a global city like Dubai? With the growing purchasing power of people living in Dubai, one can imagine their lifestyle and attitude towards health and hygiene. Many government policies have also been framed to ensure people of Dubai should have a healthy lifestyle by promoting habits to maintain a hygienic eco-system. Thus, relying on commercial, mass and in-house pest control services becomes pivotal in Dubai.

3. Real-estate Industry:

With a spree of mass urbanization to accommodate the growing global appeal of Dubai, it has witnessed mass urbanization. Every billionaire of the world owns his or her own residential or commercial property in Dubai; non-native working-class people also occupy a major portion of this urbanized jungle. Every year man-made concrete marvels are built in deserts and garbage dumping zones. And to convert such places fit for human dwelling, real estate tycoons takes services of Pest Control Companies In Dubai.

4. Chemical Industry:

Some specific chemicals are used to create pest-control solutions. So, it is needless to say that how this industry works in tandem with pest-control industry. But, with initiatives to make eco-friendly pest-control sprays, both these industries are working on their Research and Development (R&D) function to innovate the chemical mixture of pest-control sprays which not only will fight the pests but will also leave a minimum or zero impact on ecosystem.

5. Tourism Industry:

Tourism industry is one of the major revenues generating sector in Dubai. To ensure every tourist place and commercial spaces like malls are clean and free of pests, services of pest control companies are hired.
We hope, you found this article helpful. To know more about any pest-control related solutions in Dubai, please visit the website of Golden Falcon.

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