What does the future hold for Pest Control industry in Dubai

Future pf Pest Control in Dubai

Soaring high temperature, perpetual hot climate and surging humidity in Dubai makes it perfect to offer favorable conditions for pest infestation inside the homes and offices! It won’t be wrong to say that all the pests have been “bugging” the lives of people living in Dubai.
To combat these unwanted pests intruding the lives of Emirates, there are so many Pest Control Companies In Dubai. Let’s dive deep to get more insights about the Pest Control industry which is estimated to generate about $18bn of sales per annum globally– according to a market survey published in the year 2018. Digging further into the details, global Pest Control market is expected to touch $21.38 billion with a CAGR of 6.6% by 2026. Clearly, people in this part of world are baffled with situation and they always resort to Pest Control Services In Dubai. It thus becomes imperative to know more about the Pest Control Industry in Dubai – and what the future holds for it. 
If one talks specifically about Dubai and UAE (United Arab Emirate) at large -this part of the world has become one of the main emerging markets for this industry. 
There is plethora of other key driving factors that further press Dubai to emerge as the commercial hub of pest control industry. To name a few – Stringent government hygiene and sanitation regulations, and Public sector campaigns spreading awareness about pest-spread diseases. Let’s find out what are the other factors because of which – Dubai does not want to be bugged by pests anymore!


It won’t be an exaggeration to state that today – we can meet the entire world in Dubai. Emerging as business capital in the world especially in the Asian part of the world – there has been a flux of people and commerce. Thus, this flux of people migrating from different parts of the world to Dubai for commercial purpose has boosted its economic activities. And with rise in economic activity in Dubai, there is an imperative need to cater to the infrastructural requirements of increasing population and changing demographics. Hence, Dubai has undergone mass urbanization. On every nook and corner of Dubai – you can find food outlets, offices, residential areas and restaurants. And at places like these, pest issues are most common.

Rise in purchasing power:

Dubai is home of rich businessmen, corporate tycoons and industrial giants. And their engagement is making Dubai the commercial capital of UAE. Thus, it is needless to say that all of this makes the multiplication and circulation of money in this Emirate very high, which in-turn has raised the living standards of people of Dubai. And living in a city with good lifestyle and enough dispensable money, witnessing a sense of high Pest Intolerance is very natural. People of Dubai ensure to leave a healthy life and fighting pests with commercial yet economic ways is on rise.

Climate Change:

With pests being more of a burden in warmer climates – that is like all year long in Dubai, the impact of climate change is potentially an important factor in the future of pest management in Dubai. Not to talk about Dubai alone, unnatural climate events have further surcharged the infestation of pests in the world. With constant spell of prolonged drought and unbearable heat-struck outdoor, these pests intrude every corner of homes, offices and commercial places. Thus, a need to supply pest control services for both residential as well as commercial customers is needed more now than ever.

Vector-borne Diseases:

According to a market survey published in the year 2018, more than 3.9bn people in over 128 countries are at risk of contracting dengue fever, with 96m cases estimated per year.
If this is the global statistic, imagine the impact it will have on global city like Dubai? To fight these pest-borne diseases, government has taken various initiative to fight the pests in Dubai. 
All these factors are thus paving ways to combat pests rigorously, thereby creating a boom in the Pest Control Industry in Dubai. All these factors play a pivotal role to ensure a total Pest Control In Dubai!

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