5 handy hacks to fight pests for millennial living alone in Dubai

Pest Control Hacks for millennial living alone in Dubai

Even though summer is coming to an end, pests In Dubai are still enjoying the warm temperatures and an infestation could be right around the corner. There are still chances you can find these pests around your protein shakes, cereals and sugar candies. We understand it can be hard for any millennial living alone in Dubai to cope with these tingling and itchy creatures. Before availing Pest Control Services In Dubai, why not to try these handy hacks yourself? We are sure that these easy tricks will help you to keep pesky critter out of your house. Roll down to know more:.

1. Bring on Birds:

For millennial living alone in Dubai, birds can be the best partners in the battle against the creepy and crawly bugs. When you live alone, it is obvious that you don’t have time to fight these tiny wild creatures. But you can bring bug-eating machines i.e. birds to your home. When it comes to natural pest controls, it is tough to beat them. This super hack demands less time, you just need to install a birdbath and a few wren houses, and you’ll be rewarded with birds who visit plantings in search of pests. Besides pest control in Dubai, they can cherish your mood when you are back home from your hectic work sphere.

2. Fresh Herbs:

Bachelors living out there in Dubai, are you stuck between time and home management? Have pests made your life miserable? If yes, then you should switch to herbs soon. Herbs can help you in both decorating your living room as well as keeping pests away from your home. Although there is no substitute for commercial grade pest control services, there are some great herbs which serve as natural repellants for some of the most destructive and annoying insects including termites and mosquitoes. You can place pots of basil, rosemary, thyme or lemongrass in your lobby or balcony as the smell from these fragrant herbs naturally repels many invasive insects. These herbs are beautiful, besides pest control, they will make your home look beautiful. No matter if you are living alone in Dubai, with these herbs you can make your home fresh and party-ready always.

3. Apple cider vinegar fruit flies trap:

People living in Dubai can switch to this hack as it is very simple and less time-consuming. If those pesky fruit flies are invading your kitchen, you just need to have your party bottle or another kind of container with a shaker or funnel top, so that flies can get in but not out. Fill the bottom of the bottle with apple cider vinegar and chopped apple pieces and get rid of that buzzing in your ear. This super hack is very tranquil for you when you don’t have time to get an appointment from pest control services in Dubai.

4. Use dryer sheets and say goodbye to your bugs:

One-time investment on dryer sheets can really help you to get rid of bed bugs. According to Survival Life, smell of dryer sheets is repulsive to bed bugs; you can put 10 dryer sheets between your mattress and box spring and can have peaceful sleep. This trick is so successful that many bed bug companies in Dubai have adopted this trick as the second phase of bed bug treatment. So use this hack and don’t let bed bug to bite.

5. Ring Professionals:

No doubt some pests can be easily exterminated from being inside your home with natural hacks mentioned above but not every pest issue can be managed with DIY methods, especially when you are living alone. Contact Bed Bug Services In Dubai, for immediate and effective help. With specialized solutions and equipment, professionals can assess the situation of your home and will recommend treatment for same. After calling them you can easily focus on your work as the results are instant and quick.
So, to make your home well maintained and pest-free try these time efficient easy pest control hacks.

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