How to Kill Bed Bugs in Dubai using organic methods:

Bed bug Control Dubai

Have you ever annoyed your friends with that eerie saying “Goodnight, sleep tight, don’t let the bedbugs bite “? And then pondered why? 

You might be wondering are bed bugs a real thing to fear in this current age or just a thing of the past?

But let me tell you, bed bugs are real creatures that are enjoying a major comeback in the Dubai and around the world. Bed bugs don’t carry disease but they tend to feed on human blood. So, don’t forget to check your bed before you sleep. Before you run upstairs and throw out your mattress, take heart! You can contact a professional Pest Control Service In Dubai to get rid of bed bugs from your home. Besides this to confine the spreading of bedbugs, there are organic methods listed here, scroll down to know what to do about it! 

1. Vacuum Comprehensively

Prevention and early detection are your best resources against a bed bug infestation so don’t delay and start your vacuum across your mattress. If you are occupied with bed bugs make a daily routine for vacuum. After you are done with vacuum make sure to seal and throw the vacuum bag outside your home.

2. Try essential oils.

In Dubai you can have a wide range of chemical extermination options, but do you want to spray chemicals in the place where you sleep? Give it a thought; it is better, switch to organic way for killing bed bugs. Tea tree oil, cedar oil, and orange oil are harmful to bed bugs on contact. Mix with water in a spray bottle and lightly mist the areas you are treating daily. This mixture is surely going to help you.

3. Turn to the professionals

In order to fully remove bed bugs, you need to contact professional Bed Bug Services In Dubai, as it can increase your chance of success in getting rid of bed bugs. These professionals know how many fumigation sessions your home will require. Their method is purely organic in nature which can cost you around 250 AED. So, stay back and let professionals handle it.

4. Use Diatomaceous Earth

We all might have hummed the tributes of diatomaceous earth before, and its magical value is same when it comes to bed bugs. Even professional Bed Bug Companies In Dubai use this method to kill bed bugs.  If you want to get rid of bed bugs sprinkle mattresses, bed frames, and carpet with Diatomaceous earth. Vacuum up the excess before sleeping. 

5. Freeze it

If you can’t wash certain items than freeze it as extremely low temperatures will also kill the bed bugs and their eggs.

6. Chrysanthemum Flower Tea

These flowers hold a powerful plant chemical component called pyrethrum. This substance invades the nervous system of bed bugs, rendering them immobile. You can make your own spray by boiling 100 grams of dried flowers into 1 litre of water. Boil dried flowers in water for twenty minutes. Strain, cool, and pour into a spray bottle. To enhance the effect you can also add a good concentration of neem to the spray.

7. Eucalyptus Oil

Many of us are allergic to the fragrance of pesticides but you can say goodbye to bedbugs with the aroma of Eucalyptus oil. This oil is a great natural pesticide for bedbugs. Simply sprinkle a few drops of eucalyptus oil where the insects are found. They will all be gone before you know it.

8. Kill bed bugs with heat, but be very careful.

Heating your room can help you to kill bedbugs. Your room temperature must be more than the hot degrees of Dubai. This temperature can’t be achieved with the thermostat or space heaters, in fact, Special equipment’s are necessary for successful heat treatment. To kill bed bugs in Dubai with heat, the room or container must be even hotter than 45 degrees to ensure sustained heat reaches the bugs no matter where they are hiding.

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