Spider Control in Dubai

Spider Control Dubai

Are you afraid of creepy, scary spidery eyes that seem to be staring right through your soul? Is there itching in your body after seeing those hairy legs of spider? Well, there is something about these spiders that makes peoples’ skin crawl. Arachnophobia, the phobia of spiders, is one of the most prolific phobias cited by people. You may find these spiders scary but are you aware of their venomous bite? Is there a need for spider control in Dubai, you may ask. Well, just like Dubai is our favorite spot, Dubai is the new favorite spot of these spiders too it seems. These spiders are only inches from your head and are disturbing your peaceful sleep. This summer Pest Control Services In Dubai has received more cases of spiders than other insects. 

Peter Parker in the movie Amazing spider man has shown us how spider bite introduced heroism ensue in a common man but watch out as spider bite can lead you to the death, so it’s much safer to not test their moods.

There are many different venomous and poisonous spiders around, especially during the summer, below are some of the nastiest creatures that you may find coiled up or asleep in your slippers.

1. The Redback Spider

This red strip spider was imported from Australia and it is much worse.  Dubai apprehensions have been raised many times over last few years over the number of redback spiders who are making homes in gardens, inside the pools, in the residential houses as the reproduction rate of this specie is high .So, if you find this 1cm red stripped spider inside your house then  it is time to avail services from Pest Control Companies In Dubai, as their professionals  can help you to control these poisonous insects. 

2. Jumping Spiders: (Salticidae)

These deadly species are found all over the world including Dubai. These spiders are known for their sharp eye sight and wicked jumping. It is difficult for a lay man to catch these spiders as they can jump about 20x than their own length which sounds terrifying, but being just 7mm, that means they can only jump about 14cm. it is a matter of concern if you find this spider at your residential villa. Don’t waste your energy after these creatures as it is really tough to catch them but don’t worry as you can call pest control services in Dubai. They can help you to get rid of from these wild creatures.


Also called the “fiddleback” spider because of the dark violin-shaped marking on its back. The brown recluse is considered one of the most dangerous spiders in the U.S. and can be found in southern and central-southern states. Its venom is necrotic and destroys the walls of blood vessels near the site of the bite. This means a bite can result in a blister or lesion as well as mild to intense pain and/or itching.

4. Recluse spiders (Sicariidae)

This six-eyed spider is as toxic as the brown recluse. It is usually found hidden under the sand. This spider is usually of timid nature. Currently, there isn’t anti-venom for the six-eyed sand spider, but there are very few recorded bites and they seem highly unlikely to bite humans.

5. Black widow spider (Latrodectus mactans)

This spider might be small, but it packs a powerful bite. Its venom is believed to be 15x more toxic than a rattlesnake’s. Thankfully, Black widows are timid and not aggressive. Its first defense method is to drop out of its web and pretend to be dead. So, if you find this spider please don’t make him aggressive as it can cost your life.


These spiders belong to a family of spiders that range in length from 3mm-15mm. They often take indoor shelter. When a yellow sac spider bites, it produces a cytotoxin that destroys or impairs the function of a cell. This bite can cause redness and swelling and in more severe cases, necrotizing lesions. So, don’t go after unique looks of this spider as this tiny creature can take your life.


These spiders are named for the wolf-like way as they chase and target their prey. They are found all over the world and recently Pest Control Sharjah has received cases of their presence. The bite of this spider isn’t considered dangerous, however, it can be painful. Once they penetrate the skin and inject their venom, the area may become itchy and feel similar to a bee sting. Sharjah is a beautiful place to visit, don’t let these creatures to spoil vacations. If you find this wolf spider inside your hotel room call professionals from pest control Dubai and live your vacation to the fullest.

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