Unknown Myths about spiders busted & how to control the diseases spread by them

Myths about Spider Busted

In Dubai summer at this time of year is just about full swing but this hot climate can bring creepy, crawly and hairy spiders along. The mere thought that there might be something waiting for you in dark, ready to jump and slink all over you is enough to ensure a sleep- free night.  In this avid imagination spiders are not only dangerous, but the fact is that particular spider can cause paralysis which can possibly lead to suffocation which is downright terrifying! So, if a spider knocks your door, take your phone and ring up to the Pest Control Services In Dubai as they say, it is always better to get things off your chest, even if it is figuratively!
 Though many spiders may seem daunting to you, at the same time it is also true they play their part in the ecosystem. There are certainly some common myths about spiders that may feed your name to arachnophobia. In fact Pest Control Dubai has set the record straight about the myths behind these creatures. It is advisable to have full education about these heebie-jeebies. You can breathe a sigh of relief as below are some spider myths that we all seem to believe, but are fictitious (believe us):

Myth no 1: Spiders lay their eggs underneath human skin

You may have heard tales or saw videos circulating on social media about how-tons of spiders hatched their way through the human wound. But trust us on this, it is just a myth as spiders are very particular in choosing a place for their eggs and they prefer to lay them in protected and hidden areas .In human Skin, eggs can directly face the threat. Besides this they don’t have any means to inject eggs into your skin. So take a deep breath and to relax.

Myth no 2: Spiders are Aggressive

Spiders may look dangerous and scary but they are not aggressive unless you do such acts that can provoke them. You don’t need to shout after seeing a spider; this small creature is not going to eat you. In most cases, a single spider will not show aggression or try to attack you. But keep your mind as there are some spiders around whose venom can cause side effects and if you spot an infestation of spiders, contact the Pest Control Sharjah to take care of the situation for you.

Myth no 3: All Spiders are Venomous

There is a myth revolving among us that all spiders are venomous i.e. poisonous. While there are some spider species whose sting can be fatal but we have the large majority of spiders that pose no risk to humans. In fact there are people who are tossed to keep spiders as pets. If spider bites you itching or allergic reactions are common. However, if you feel muscle pain, fever, nausea, difficulty in breathing consult your nearest emergency facility on immediate basis. 

Myth no 4: Spiders have germs on fangs that are infectious.

Have you ever heard that don’t touch fangs of your pet “spider” as it is full of germs? If yes then this point is surely going to bring a smile to your face. There is still no solid evidence of any spider causing an infection in human tissues by touching its fangs. Spiders actually help kill these types of harmful pests that could transmit diseases .So, live your life to fullest along your unique pet as you can touch him without any fear.

Myth no. 5: Red mark on your skin? It must have been a bite of a spider!,

I feel pity for spiders as they are always held responsible for getting all the brunt for any possible rash, itch or bump. Although it is possible that spider may bite you, but it is not always him. In fact, there is less chance of his bite as they don’t feed on human blood. So they don’t have any reason to venture near you and disturb your sweet sleep. But don’t provoke this creature as his bite can be fatal sometimes. 

How to control disease spread by spiders?

Beyond myths which are mentioned above, each of us needs to be cautious regarding the presence of spiders as some species can cause disease. While you can take certain measures to reduce their occurrence, often times the only way to completely get rid of spiders is with professional pest control services. Below are certain measures which you can take into account to save yourself from disease:

  • It is advisable to keep your house clean and remove any cobwebs that you find lurking in corners or up near the ceiling and in dark closets.
  • These are some favorite areas that spiders like to build their webs like under your bed, on your wall ceiling, near your washbasin. So, make sure to clean these places once in a week
  • Store unused belonging in tightly sealed containers instead of boxes. This should prevent spiders from setting up camp inside of your belongings
  • Try to keep your food away from spiders which can help you to control infectious diseases caused by them

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