Natural form of pest control- Insect repellent plants


If you are looking for the most natural form of pest control you have come to the right place. Afterall, we all have been through one or the other form of pest menace at some point in our lives and we know that prevention is better that cure any day. So, besides keeping our home and surroundings clean and tidy what else can we do to prevent bugs and pests from invading our homes? We have a rather convenient solution for you this time- plants!

Many plants act as bug repellents. They produce chemicals that fend off insects. In fact, some very sweet-smelling plants that we humans find appealing can repel insects like mosquitoes and ants.

Let’s check out these plants one by one:


This is a plant that has many uses. As per some research, lavender plants can be used to treat depression, anxiety and insomnia. They have a calming effect on humans. Taken in the form of tea, it can help stop vomiting, cure intestinal issues and nausea. Lavender is also known to be highly effective in repelling insects. Its essential oil is known to act as a toxin for mosquitos, flies, spiders and a few other insects.

Lavender plant in a pot


Basil is an herb that is grown for a variety of reasons. It doesn’t just find uses as a culinary item for its flavors but it is also popular for its medicinal properties. Basil is believed to have anti-inflammatory properties besides being an anti-oxidant. As far as insects are concerned, basil contains chemicals, called estragole and eugenol, that act as insect repellents. Basil mainly deters mosquitos, fleas and houseflies.

Basil in a pot


Another of those culinary delights, the lemongrass plant, while its smell is so appealing to us humans, mosquitos find it repulsive. The essential oil found in lemongrass that mosquitos hate is called citronella oil. This plant is believed to be 100% effective against the malaria causing mosquito. This is a plant you would definitely want around your home.



Mint, like lemongrass and basil, is popular in the kitchen. And like them it is a popular insect repellent too. Since mint is a weed, it is recommended you grow them in pots and place the pots at desired locations to shoo away mosquitos, house flies and fruit flies. Mint is also sometimes used in making insect repellent sprays.

Mint in a vase

Lemon Thyme

This is another kitchen herb that is used as a deterrent for mosquitoes, ants and flies. This plant is often planted as a companion plant to protect other neighboring plants from insect attacks. The essential oil found in lemon thyme can be used to make insect repellent sprays that can be sprayed directly on skin. It can also be used in making bug repellent candles. Many people use pots of this plant around outdoor seating areas to fend off mosquitos and other insects.

Lemon Thyme plant in a pot


This plant, while loved by cats, is an insect repellent just like some of the other herbs mentioned above. Some people plant catnips solely for their cats as cats tend to love it. However, cockroaches and mosquitos find catnips repulsive. The essential oil present in this plant that repels insects is known as nepetalactone.

Catnip plant

These are only some of the plants that we discussed which act as natural form of pest control. There are many others like chrysanthemums, marigolds, sage, rosemary, nasturtiums, parsley, petunia, thyme, garlic, dill etc that are equally great at keeping bugs at bay. You may choose to grow one or more of these plants depending on the climate of the country you are living in. Not all of these plants have the same requirements so you will need to carry out further research to check which one will suit you best.

And if you have pests at home, despite all the precautions you took, then you surely are in need of professional assistance.

How does a professional pest control company help with pest infestations?

Chemicals and pesticides used to kill pests can be dangerous to humans if used without proper knowledge of the product contents. Some pesticides are known to have killed humans because they were used by unscrupulous pest control service providers in either large amounts or without following proper protocol.

It is imperative that one uses a licensed pest control company as they stick to safety protocols while conducting their services. Golden Falcon is one such licensed pest control company providing services to Dubai, Sharjah and Ajman. We provide effective organic pest control solutions and are the leaders in the pest control industry. Contact us to book an inspection.

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