Licensed Pest Control Company in Dubai

Licensed Pest Control Company Dubai

Licensed Pest Control companies in Dubai are abundant as of now. But Dubai has seen its share of illegal pesticide usage related problems. Between 2010 to 2017 there were multiple incidents in which people died after pest control was carried out either in their home or their neighbor’s home. Back then, there were reports of companies illegally using Aluminum Phosphide in their pesticides for carrying out pest control. Due to lack of awareness around this topic, many people did not understand the risk behind using unapproved pest control companies in Dubai.

Dubai government has always counseled residents not to carry out pest control activities on their own or to hire unauthorized companies to do it on their behalf as there are lives at stake. Only licensed pest control companies should be hired, after all, it is better to be safe than sorry.

Hiring a licensed pest control Dubai company means you are putting your own safety as well as the safety of your loved ones first. 

Advantages of using licensed pest control service providers in Dubai

Pests are a nuisance to live with. There is no doubt that pest control becomes a necessity in places where pest infestations are found. Not getting pest extermination done comes with its own sets of pest related issues like damage to property, health concerns and in some cases stress related problems too. No one would like their home or health destroyed by pests. For that reason, it becomes imperative to call in a pest control company and get rid of whatever pests are bothering you. Luckily, there are many licensed pest control firms in Dubai now.

So, what are the advantages of hiring an approved pest control company in Dubai? Here are a few:

  • Trust Factor
  • Safe Products
  • Professional and Experienced Staff

Trust Factor

If a company providing exterminator services in Dubai is licensed, you will not have any qualms trusting them with your property. But on the other hand, a company, even if it is doing everything correctly, will not be able to gain the confidence of the masses if it is not approved by the relevant authority.

Safe Products

Many of the deaths that took place in Dubai and other UAE emirates were due to use of banned products. Either the pesticide being used was illegal or it was used in the wrong amount. Proper use not only entails using the correct product but also involves knowing the amount and usage method for it. All pesticides being used should go through Dubai Municipality and be approved before being used by the pest control companies in Dubai.

Professional and Experienced Staff

Dubai Municipality has instructed all licensed pest control Dubai companies to ensure they use only professional and experiences staff to carry out extermination services. Since dealing with pesticides involves correct handling of pesticides being used (following safety guidelines), it is extremely important that the person handing these chemicals know their job well and preferably are trained to do it.

Licensed Pest Control Company

Types of pesticides approved by Dubai Municipality that pest control companies in Dubai can use

Dubai Municipality has made many efforts and taken a number of actions to make sure the residents of Dubai lead a safe and pest free life. They have put in various laws and regulations in place to deter unauthorized pest control companies in Dubai from duping Dubai residents.

The UAE ministry maintains an online directory of pesticides along with details of whether they are approved or restricted. Besides this information, the list also contains name of the active substance in the pesticide, its concentration, its registration number, name of local company that imports it, name of manufacturer, expiry date and the pesticide type (insecticide or rodenticide).

If you wish to access this list, please use this link.

Besides, all pest control companies in Dubai need to have a license from Dubai Municipality in order to provide these services to Dubai residents. All products they use also needs approval from the government. In fact, any pesticide or chemical that enters UAE for this purpose, goes through checks to evaluate its compliance with the safety regulations.

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