Scorpions can be deadly .Know how to get rid of them in Dubai, UAE.

Scorpions Control Dubai

The sands of the UAE hide many dangers – Creepy-crawlies among which scorpions lead the list. Some are quite prepared to sink their venomous fangs into the flesh of unwitting intruders while others look deadly dangerous. A neurotoxic chemical present in its tail affects the nervous system ultimately resulting in killing or paralyzing their prey. These creatures are such death stalkers that most of the Pest Control Services In Dubai usually run awareness campaigns to protect citizens from them.
Scorpions are usually found dwelling in the desert regions. They find shelter during the day in underground holes, beneath rocks and in burrows. At night, they venture out to hunt for food and their quest can show them a way to your home! 
With the upcoming changing of the seasons, take the time to make your home scorpion-proof as we will discuss some of the beneficial ways to protect your house from scorpion:
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1. Cover up your home

Holes and gaps are the favorite places of scorpions to play hide and seek with you. The first measure which one should take is sealing up home properly. Make sure to fill small gaps and holes of your home with durable caulk or other material. Sealing up your home can give you additional benefit of preventing any other bugs or insects from entering your home. Make sure your windows are closed tightly and the screens are sealed so that scorpions can’t climb in. You can also get door seals to prevent scorpions from coming in under the doors.

2.Make sure your home is pest free.

Scorpions are not only dangerous for humans but also to insects like roaches and ants. If you have a scorpion problem, you likely also have a roach or an ant problem as they usually feed on them. To make your home scorpion free you first need to have an eye on other pests. For creating no environment for bugs and insects, it is advisable to take help from Pest control Dubai. Through their techniques and equipments they will make sure you don’t have any other infestations before you tackle the scorpion problem.

3.Sprinkle a pinch of cinnamon

Cinnamon is a safest natural deterrent to scorpions. You can just sprinkle a little bit of cinnamon around your windows and baseboards which will make harder for scorpion to get in. According to ASPCA, cinnamon is non-toxic to pets and humans beings. While using cinnamon, one thing which you need to keep in mind is that you shouldn’t put down cinnamon sugar on your floor as that will attract all kinds of other bugs and insects. 

4. Check your mattress before going to sleep:

The preferred hiding place of scorpions is your mattress. So, before you and your kids go to bed, make sure you go through the bed sheets. These little arthropods can go anywhere. If you don’t want to be stung when you’re just trying to go to bed don’t forget to flip-flop your night sleepers and mattress as there are chances of finding a deadly surprise. 

5. Professional scorpion control

Most of the times, it can be very hard for you to tackle with these poisonous wild creatures. Their reproduction rate is very high; the female scorpion can reproduce 2 to 100 offspring at one time along with the birth basket. So, to control their reproduction rate at your home, consider getting experts from pest control companies In Dubai. These professionals are well equipped with skills and tools that will surely help you to say goodbye to these poisonous creatures from every part of your home. 
In addition to the above-mentioned steps, search around your property for scorpions. Look on exterior walls, at the bases of walls and fences and other outdoor cracks and crevices close to your home. Shine your torch light in all of these areas as this will help to make them visible. Stay safe and live a healthier life.

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