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Most frequent questions asked by people looking for a pest control service

Posted On : December 15, 2020

Do you have a pest problem? Do you find yourself tackling bugs, cockroaches every other day? Don’t worry! You are not alone, we all have been there. Pest infestation is one of the most common problems faced by homeowners. Taking precautionary measures and maintaining a high level of hygiene can keep pests at bay. 

The problem arises when you keep ignoring it for months and one fine day you find yourself in a huge mess. Pest infestations can be pretty stressful as these intruders can cause considerable damage to your health as well as the property. You may try out various DIYs to tackle these nasty pests, but these methods don’t guarantee 100% results. If you are looking for a sure shot solution then consulting a pest control company is your best bet.

However, it can be daunting to find a trustworthy company when there are so many solution providers out there. So, we have come up with answers for the most frequently asked questions that may pop up in your mind when hiring a pest control service.

Let’s begin!


1- Why is it necessary to engage an expert pest control services?

When you conclude to engage a pest control company by that time you have probably tried to handle the problem yourself. Moreover, you might have found that the majority of the pests are unrelenting. Your daily schedule is full of activity and hectic. The homeowners do not have enough time to manage the issue themselves. Or possibly they are not familiar with the variety of bugs they are taking care of. This is the point where a pest control company steps in. These professionals are trained to handle the entire treatment program carefully.

2- How much is pest control in Dubai?

In Dubai, a pest control treatment can cost between AED 250 to AED 1000. Moreover, it depends on the type of pest you are dealing with.  We have listed the cost of  pest control for different properties below;


  • 1BHK Flat 150 AED to 300 AED
  • 2BHK Flat 200 AED to 250 AED
  • 3BHK Flat 300 AED to 350 AED
  • Villa 200 AED to 600 AED
  • Penthouse 200 AED to 350 AED
  • Townhouse 400 AED to 500 AED


  • Office 150 AED to 1000 AED
  • Restaurant Per Service 150 AED to 700 AED
  • Mall As Per Area 

3- Is monthly pest control necessary?

No, it is not mandatory to go for pest control management each month. You can do it twice a year or more importantly after three months.

4- For what time does a pest control treatment last?

In the majority of cases, people can look forward to noticing a noteworthy and obvious drop in pest activity. However, the reduction in their movement takes two to three days after the treatment. The accurate time frame relies on the variety of the pest you happen to deal with. Besides, the option of stuff and method you are utilizing influence greatly the long-lasting results of pest control management. However, to engage a professional pest control company for the elimination of pests, the treatment can go on for six weeks. The effect of the treatment choice remains for 2 to 3 months or a year.

5- What are the 3 methods of pest control?

The general methods employed for the eradication of pests include physical pest control, fumigation, and poisoned bait. Also, pesticides can be used to deal with them.

6- Is pest control spray dangerous?  

Yes, pest control spray can prove hazardous because it contains poisonous chemicals that can impact humans and their pets.

7- Can I do pest control myself?

Homeowners can perform certain DIY methods of pest control treatment that are not harmful to humans such as boric acid for cockroaches and apple cider for bugs.

8- Is pest control worth the money?

Yes, it is much more than money because it keeps your family and property safe from pests that can cause harm. Surely, it pays back by offering a healthy family and safeguarding your property.

9- How often should I do pest control?

The answer to this question is one-time or twice in a year. However, for effective treatment and elimination of pests, you can carry out pest control after 2-3 months regularly. The bi-annual or annual spray for pests is the best pick to eradicate them.

10- What is the price for pest control regarding roaches?

The price of the treatment option for cockroach control falls under AED 250 to AED 400 once. 

11- How dangerous is a cockroach?

Cockroaches are pests and they bite humans like most other insects. Their bites can cause your skin to react with the condition of swelling and it turns itchy. However, in certain uncommon cases, a cockroach bite turns sore, infected, and the area swells up due to pus formation. In such cases the bite turns large that equals your hand in size.

12- What are the methods of pest control to do away with cockroaches?

The use of boric acid forms one of the most efficacious methods of cockroach killers. It has no odor and comes with low toxicity not affecting pets. Boric acid does not repel cockroaches; however, they will not try to bypass it. But, crawling through it frequently kills them without fail.

Besides, there are several steps you need to follow and do away with the cockroach population. The tips are:

1-You better spot problem areas by using glue strips and flashlights.

2- Make use of caulk to seal gaps to stop more infestation

3-Set gel bait stations so that you can efficiently cut down cockroach growth.

4- Call pest control service to do the job for you.

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13- Can bed bugs stay alive after heat treatment?

Efficient heat treatments can eliminate every one of the five invading bugs and an entire lot of eggs when the temperature makes it to 120 degrees. This temperature is maintained in the affected room for four hours. At the time of the heat temperature program, pest control experts ensure that your entire house gets this temperature treatment up to this degree. During this period these professionals target beds, furniture, and other parts of the room constantly. Every nook and corner of your home gets heat treatment so that all eggs and bugs die. 

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14- Is it okay to sleep in the bed after pest treatment?

It is safe to sleep in your bed after it undergoes bug treatment. Your life becomes normal once again. 

Hope we could answer your questions. In case of any further queries, contact our experts today

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