Five natural methods you never tried to control bed bugs.

Bed bug control Sharjah

Till now, you must have tried and exhausted all the methods to control the bed bugs but the bed bugs kept multiplying. Each bite you receive is filled with vengeance and you are pondering what do next.

But don’t worry, I am going to discuss with you five natural secrets of Pest Control In Dubai | Sharjah which you never attempted.

Below are the five methods that you can try to protect your family from the bites of bed bugs. Make sure to follow them according to the script. 


Residents of Dubai and Sharjah may get offended while hearing this word, as we know both cities are cleanest in the world but still houses are infested with pests.

While I completely agree with clean city part but don’t get me wrong when I say clean the muck. This doesn’t mean you have a dirty house suitable for bed bug infections.

All, I am saying is that, check out the pile of unnecessary items and threw them out. While you do that, make sure to close all the cracks that might be present. 


Once you remove the stockpiles of newspapers, unnecessary items from the house, you are ready for the kill. Raid the hiding places of the bed bugs and kill them

The US Environment Protection Agency recommends checking all the common hiding places of the bed bugs like furniture corners, wallpapers spaces, mattress, pillow covering, cushion covering electric switches etc.

You may include other places as well, if you are going for a complete kill. 


Bed bugs love the place where a lot of carbon dioxide is present; they love to inhale the CO2 that you exhale from your mouth.

If you are looking for a bed bug-free environment, make sure your house has proper ventilation. 


Setting the trap for the nasty pests can prove very effective as it drags them from the spaces where a human eye can’t reach. 

Blow the hot air into the deep cracks, where you think pest infestation is massive and wait for the magic to happen.

Bed bugs hate heat. They will come out running for their life. Be ready for the catch. Dump them at a place of no return.


Bed bugs removal has being a herculean task for you at least and you have made sure they never return. Take a deep breath it is not over until it is! 

Ask some serious questions and get answers from yourself. 

Have you dumped the bed bugs in the lawn or neighbor’s lawn?

Do you sometimes use accessories of relatives?

If you fail in answering the above questions & keep repeating the above mistakes; then don’t blame the bed bugs for the mess .They will keep coming and haunting until the right way is approached. 

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