How world would look like without pestcontrol?

World without Pest Control

Can you imagine having to live with thousands of roaches spreading bacteria and eggs all over your home because you didn’t have any way to eliminate them? In today’s world, it is hard to imagine what life would have been before pest control was available. 

Today I will give you a little taste of how would the world look like without a pest control.

To survive in this world the basic necessity for every creature is food but what if your food is no more yours or maybe there is no food available at all. 

Do you know without pest controlinsects would consume 50% of our agriculture products? This can lead to small crop yield and even if there be some food available, it’s not worth eating. Really a tough time! 

Can you imagine our world without grains, fruits, and vegetables? It’s high time we understand the importance of protecting our crops from these deadly pests. 

Before food to survive, you need to be alive! Alive to have it. Do you know about the diseases caused by these pests? Pests carry diseases like malaria, plague, rat bite fever, Lyme disease, West Nile Virus, Hepatitis, Salmonella, these are just a few names but the list goes on. Pests have taken lives of millions of people in ancient times only because they were not aware of pest control.

In 2016 WHO estimated 216 million cases of malaria worldwide. You wonder how! Today we go for pest control companies but the rate of increase of diseases is unstoppable. Such events occur because of an inefficient pest control program. The cities which are highly infested with pests like Dubai need an effective pest control companywith skilled manpower.

● Pests are tenacious; they find their way to enter your home despite your best efforts. What if you are sleeping and hear the sounds of rats and mice crawling in your home, cockroaches making happy life in your kitchen and how about your washrooms filled with water-loving bugs. Insects are cold-blooded; their body temperature changes with external temperature so are constantly seeking warmer places. Yes! Your right. It’s your palace for them. With no pest control, your home’s structural integrity is never safe.

Pests have tormented humans from time immemorial. It’s not like ancient people did nothing for it. If it would have been so, the world would have come to an end. All thanks to them! 

Ever since humans took to agriculture they realized the dangers of pests on crops and started finding ways to repel such harmful creatures. It required them a lot of hard labor at that time.

But today pest management has expanded a lot with the use of biological, genetic and other tactics .Thus eliminating their ability to reproduce and making them less troublesome. 

But pests still haunt some and yet they don’t know the reasons. It is time for them to find the reasons or get infested.

The reason why pests rule some homes may be due to the quality of pests control companies or it might be due improper hygiene. Whatever the cause,we advise hiring a municipality approved Pest Control Dubai having experience & credibility to back their work.

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