Pesticide Control effects

Effects on Human

Pesticides are the toxic substances used to manage pest problem in homes, parks, schools, agricultural fields, buildings, forests etc. It is difficult these days to find a place where pesticides are not used from kitchen sink to the crops in the farmland, it is found everywhere. The pesticides can be found in the air we breathe, the food we eat, water we drink, the mattress we sleep on, the world is filled with them. We share everything with them which exposes us to the toxicity risks posed by them. Developed places like UAE are reported to be most vulnerable due to the increasing amount of usage of toxic pesticides for various purposes. The slightest exposure of these pesticides can cause serious health issues that can affect the number of body organs and can cause cancer, reproductive and nervous system disorders. In addition to the long term implications, pesticides can also cause short term problem like nausea, fatigue, skin irritation, eye irritation, headaches which can be serious if not attended. Pesticides can take the form of solid, liquid or gas. They can enter your body in all of the forms and can potentially affect your health. Pesticides can enter if · Eat, drink or smoke after handling the pesticide like insecticide, weedicide, or consume the food that was exposed to them. · Getting in contact with them through skin directly, or through the cloth affected with pesticide or by touching the surface treated with pesticides. · Inhale the sprays or dust affected with pesticides · Rubbingyour eyes after handling pesticides. 

Effects on Environment

The impact of the pesticides has affected all forms and environment is not an exception to it. Pesticides are toxic to every living organism. They can have a dramatic environmental affects by accumulating in water system, can pollute the air. The treats due to use of these pesticide is disturbing. Pesticides can cause serious damage to the agricultural land, microorganisms and worms which naturally limit the pest populations and maintain soil health. The can weaken the plant roots and their immune system. Pesticides are also known to reduce the concentration of essential plant nutrients in the soil nitrogen and phosphorous. Pesticides in the form of spray are fast acting. After knocking down the pest they linger in the environment for days, weeks or even more time after the application. Most of the pesticides are manufactured to target the one type of pest but other insects and animals get harmed sometimes. The pesticides intended to kill a spider can cause harm to the bird that eats it. It is very important to select the pesticides that are designed to the pest of target. 


The best solution to the pesticide infestation is to consider the alternative and natural ways of controlling pest and other types of animals like rodents. The key is to make the surrounding around your home unattractive to the pests. Some suggestions are 


To prevent the cockroach infestation one of the natural way is to remove any sources of water in kitchen sinks, shower or in dishes in the kitchen. Do not leave food scrapes on the bowls or tables and clean the floor of the kitchen regularly. The waste should be kept in the tight container so as to limit them go inside and feed. Avoid keeping piles of wood materials outside your house and seal the cracks and crevices. 


Stagnant water in the vessels or outside house acts as a breeding grounds of the mosquito breeding. Regularly clean your debris and places where water gets collected. Filter of swimming pool should be filtered each day. Clear out the garbage and other debris regularly. 


The lid of the waste-bin outside should have a tight lid. Plant pyre thrum daisies around the house to repel the flies and other insects as flies don’t like pyre thrum. Use fly traps outside the areas where the files gather. Wash your pets regularly and change their clothes also. 


Again food is the main source of insects and animals to multiply and gather around your house. Don’t leave food scraps outside garden for birds or pets. Use proper bowls for the food for your pets. Regularly trim the trees and keep potentially resting and hiding places of the rodents off the garden. Use traps to catch them. Avoid piling of wood materials around the house because they can act as the breeding places for them.

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