How To Protect Your Home From Winter Pest Infestation. 10 Tips

winter pest infestation

Many people focus on pest-proofing their homes in the summers only. I mean, why not? These months bring with them a lot of pests, including flies, cockroaches, termites, bed bugs, and a lot more. If proper care is not taken, it will hinder daily activities and lead to an unhealthy environment and lifestyle.

We assume the winter months may not be as vulnerable for pest infestation as the hot months, but the reality is different. You may not encounter flies, bees, or wasps, but many other unwanted guests may be preparing to save themselves from the cold by finding a safe haven that could be your home, office, etc.

It’s up to you not to allow those unpleasant creatures to enter your space.

So it’s high time that you save yourself the trouble and stop the pest invasion at the right time by pest-proofing your home in winters also.

Here are some of the critical ways by which you can stop pests from entering your home.

Tips To Avoid Pest Infestations in Winters:

1) Eliminate moisture.

Moisture is the main cause for many insects entering your space and can turn out to be a breeding ground for many other pests, including bed bugs, termites, mosquitos, etc.

So it’s important to look for places vulnerable to moisture, mostly kitchen, bathrooms and disinfect those areas periodically. It’s also important to look for leaking pipes and fix them on time.

2) Store food properly.

stored food

Food should be stored properly in tight containers. It’s important because food kept uncovered can attract these mighty little creatures and turn the whole kitchen upside down.

Therefore, it’s critical to properly store food and clean up spilled food from the counters and floors on time.

3) Seal cracks and holes.

Look for any cracks and holes both on the inside and outside of your houses, as they can turn out to be the entry points for these pests.

Sealing those cracks can be a major way to stop them from making their way inside. Also, look for pipes that enter your home as rodents usually travel through these pipes. 

Ensure to block the sinks immediately after use as many pests, mainly cockroaches, use them to access water resources.

4) Airing the bed.

Airing the bed is important mostly in winters as the closed windows and doors in cold months lead to trapped moisture underneath the bedding and can be a refuge for many dust mites, bed bugs, etc.

Therefore, you must allow your bed to air for about half a day, frequently wash the bedding in hot water, and change them once a week.

Doing this frequently will keep you away from all the health problems, mainly allergies, and ensure a sound and peaceful sleep.

5) Don’t stomp on a bug.

ants preying on insects

Please stop doing this to bugs as it could spread their eggs while stomping. Not just this, they can further attract more insects and become prey for them.

So beware next time and think about the outcomes before you beat them to death.

6) Store wood away from your house.

Many insects tend to take up a place in woodpiles, and if these wooden items are kept near the house, it becomes easy for some pests to gain access to the place.

Placing firewood and any other wooden items away from your home will protect your home and stop these creepy crawlies from invasion.

Also, inspect every wood item for pest attacks before welcoming them to your house for various purposes.

7) Vacuum frequently.

vacuum cleaner

Frequently vacuum the floors of your home, mostly in the areas near the windows, corners of the house, etc., to get rid of tiny bugs that are otherwise difficult to spot with naked eyes.

So it is better to invest in good quality vacuum cleaners and put aside the problem of pest invasion.

8) Trimming plants around the house.

Proper landscaping is crucial in winters as many pests can find their way back home through plants around your house.

So, be mindful about the proper trimming of plants and trees to prevent pest infestation.

9) Inspect clothing before use.

warm clothes

Each season brings clothes of various types. When winter mode is on, warm clothes find their space in our almirahs.

It is a possibility that these clothes might have been a residence for various insects like silverfishes, bugs, etc.; thus, it is important to inspect the clothes before use as they have been kept away and dumped for a long period.

10) Hire professionals.

To keep your home healthy and away from pest infestation, it becomes important to call for professional pest control providers to help save yourself from future trouble.

It is advised to go for periodic pest control after every seasonal change and protect your family from an unhealthy environment.

Goldenpest is a professional pest control provider that provides premium services across the UAE. So it’s time for you to say goodbye to these unpleasant pest invasions.

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