Buying A New House? Here’s some Pest Control Advice For You.

Buying A New House Pest Control Advice You Should Follow

Be sure to take the right pest prevention steps before buying a new house

You are making a large investment in your future house. It is important that you choose a place that will provide security for you and your family for many years. You naturally want to choose a house with the best layout and design. There is nothing more exciting than buying a house. Buyers might imagine themselves living in the house as they age, making wonderful memories, and planning for future renovations. However, practical considerations such as pest control are also important.

Pests can quickly make even the most exquisite house uninhabitable. It is important that you do not overlook Potential pest problems, especially because they are not visible to the naked eye. If you have to deal with severe damage to your house’s structure, it can be a costly and time-consuming process.

Here are names of a few pests you should keep your eyes on before buying a new house:

1) Ants: 

Ants love damp wood. You must watch out for moisture damage or piles of what appears to be sawdust.

2) Mice and Rats:

Rodents invade houses in search of shelter, food, and water. You can see droppings, scratching sounds, gnawed wires, and loose papers as signs of a rodent infestation.

3) Bed Bugs:

Do you know that bed bugs aren’t as common in houses as they are in apartments? You should be especially cautious, if you find that the previous home owners left behind items such as sofas or beds. These may be full of bugs. Be on the lookout for bed bugs if you’re buying a condo or townhouse. Ask the property manager about any previous bed bug infestations.

4) Termites:

Termites can damage a house’s structure and chew through wood, flooring, wallpaper, and other materials. Termites are known as silent destroyers. You can see signs of termite infestation by mud tubes and hollow-sounding wood, damaged decks, and wooden fences, as well as piles of discarded wings.

A professional house inspection will evaluate the structure of the house, including its roof and foundation. An inspection that focuses on pests will identify conditions that are conducive to infestations, and help buyers avoid costly damage later.

Pest Control Service

Why Do You Need Pest Control Done for New Houses:

You may wonder why you need to worry about pest control when buying a new house-after all, everything is new, it cannot be infested. But here’s the thing. That’s not always true. Read below to understand what problems you may still face in new homes:

  1. Use of Infested Material– Some newer houses may have cracks and gaps in the foundation that could allow pests to enter. This is because, they were not built in a factory environment and many house buyers, like you and I, don’t realize how vulnerable newer constructions are. They are often outside and therefore vulnerable to rodent and insect access. Materials are often stored in damp conditions before construction and may have insects living inside them.
  2. Inefficient Builders– Another problem is that many builders try to use shortcuts which often lead to gaps and inviting holes. The attached garages are usually built by leaving a gap at the foundation where sheet-rock walls meet the foundation and also weeping holes in brick around the foundation. These are easy entry points for rodents and other insects. Insects, spiders uprooted wildlife, pests like aggressive insects and built-in marauders are some of the other pests that can be found in newer buildings.
  3. Previous Infestations– Newer houses are often plagued with mouse infestations. They are frequently built in wooded areas, which can disturb the trees, dirt, and grass that once housed many creatures.

So, it is not safe to assume that just because your house is new, it will be pest free.

Professional Deep Cleaning of your new house before You Move In:

A professional deep cleaning service can be requested as part of closing the deal on a new house. If you don’t have the time or desire to hire a professional cleaning service with experience in cleaning new houses, it is worth hiring one.

Professional Deep Cleaning

Here are some things you should focus on if you’re going for professional deep cleaning services:

  • All cabinets are open.
  • Cleaning of any shelf liners and replacing them if necessary
  • If there is shelf space, you need to clean above cabinets too
  • Cleaning under cabinets done where paneling meets the flooring
  • You should clean under and behind all appliances in the house, including the fridge.
  • If your stove needs cleaning, ensure you clean all nooks and crevices too.
  • Wipe down all surfaces and clean all walls & closets.
  • Make sure to clean around doors and windows
  • Comprehensively cleaning your garage.

While you’re walking around your house, be aware of cracks that could allow pests to enter the house. If all this work is too much, you should consider calling professional deep cleaning service providers to help you out.

Professional Pest Control Service Providers for your New House:

You should call a professional pest control company if you have the time to inspect the house and property. The professionals will not only identify any existing pest issues but will also give you specific advice on how to avoid pest problems in your new area.

A professional house inspection evaluates the structure of a house from roof to foundation. However, a termite inspection focuses more on finding signs of termite damage and conditions that could lead to infestations such as cracks. 

Pest Control Services

It’s not too late to have a professional pest inspection done if you’ve moved in. The exterminator will need to have access to as much of your house as possible, including crawl spaces, closets and pantry, cabinets, garage, and around the perimeter. This allows the exterminator to identify entry points, nests, and other potential risk factors that could lead to pest problems in the house. The pest control professional will issue a report on the house and recommend a course.

Choosing The Right Pest Control Techniques for your New House:

Insecticide sprays can be very helpful for spiders and other insects. Make sure to choose the right spray for you. Pay attention to the label and compare the infestation with your house. You can take a photo of the insect to determine the type.

Look for insecticides that are safe for pets, children, and family members who have allergies. After widespread application, it’s a good idea not to be inside the house for more than a few hours. For safety precautions, make sure you read the label directions. If you have any concerns about safety precautions, contact Professional Exterminators. They will be able to help with your insecticide application.

Use organic pest control methods such as heat traps, heating ducts, vacuuming, and other organic substances, like Tannic Acid, Catnip, or Cedar, whenever possible. For this reason, we must opt for a good professional pest control service provider, since they are highly skilled and use latest techniques to kill pests.

It is important to clean furniture, carpets, and mattresses. Since most houses are closed due to the air-conditioning system, germs and viruses can circulate in the environment, causing damage to our health and stamina. You can count on a good pest control service provider to disinfect & sanitize your house and make it safe for your family at the house.

Disinfection & Sanitization

A good pest control company will allow you to do more than just fight them. Even if you haven’t seen pests in a while, it is important to keep in mind that it is still important to be aware of the seasonal fluctuations in pest activity. Pest control professionals are trained to know what to look for and how to stop these fluctuations from turning into infestations.

While preventative measures can take some time, they are much more cost-effective than treating an infestation. Enjoy the adventure of buying a house and remember to be positive, have fun, and think ahead.

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