Effect Of Cleanliness On Mental Health – Read On.

mental health

A clean environment is essential for a healthy lifestyle. It is not just about keeping the house well-organized but also keeping it free from germs and other harmful microorganisms that can affect our health. 

When the world is becoming more polluted, the importance of cleanliness has never been more apparent. Investing in a proper cleaning service can not only make your home or office look better, but it can also improve your mood and mental health.

According to a recent study, people who live in dirty homes are more likely to suffer from depression, anxiety, and other mental health problems. Conversely, when people live in a clean environment, they feel less stressed, and their mood improves.

Don’t you think that a sight of a clutter-free and clean home after a stressful day at work lessens your stress levels and makes your worries go away? 

Well living in a clean environment positively impacts mental health in the following ways:

1) Clutter-free environment improves sleep.

improved sleep

Proper sleep is vital for maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and the same can be affected when sleeping in a dirty and cluttered environment. Getting a good sleep positively affects your mood and gives you an energetic start to a long day at work.

Not getting enough sleep can hinder your everyday routine, lessen the focus and thus decrease overall productivity, impacting your mental health.

So to make sure that you get peaceful and quality sleep, make sure you do the following:

  • Always clean your room on an everyday basis, including vacuuming, dusting, and mopping.
  • Changing the sheets every week.
  • Make the bed before sleeping.

Adhering to these points will surely help with your sleep and thus your mental health.

2) Helps with your focus.

Cleaning is not just about making sure everything is in its place. It can also make you more productive. Cleanliness can improve focus and creativity and help reduce stress, which improves your overall mental health.

A clean environment has a positive effect on your productivity because it reduces distraction and makes you feel more at ease. On the other hand, a chaotic environment is not only distracting but also decreases your creativity and focus levels. 

According to the research conducted in 2011 at Princeton University, it was proved that a cluttered and dirty environment could make it difficult to focus on a particular task that can eventually impact your mental health.

3) Sense of achievement.

Cleaning or de-cluttering can be a rewarding and fulfilling job, but it can also be tedious and monotonous. The thought of cleaning a place can be tiring and stressful, but the best thing that comes with it is the satisfaction or the sense of achievement that comes with completing the task well.

Some people like to see their work as an end in itself, but for many people, it’s not enough to just do the work. It needs to have a purpose, and it needs to feel like an accomplishment. For this reason, there are many rewards for completing tasks well, more importantly, if it’s cleaning.

4) Better smelling homes means a happier mind.

better smelling homes

It is essential to clean homes, but making them smell better is equally essential. A place that smells nice with properly adjusted furniture mopped floors, and everything else that comes with a perfectly tidy home gives you a sense of peace and leads to a more calm and happier mind. 

Certain scents can uplift mood, making you feel energized and motivated to do the day-to-day activities. All of this leads to a happy and healthy mind.

5) Cleaning releases endorphins.


We have all heard that exercise helps in releasing endorphins, but cleaning is a part of exercise also, so in a way, endorphins release can also be the result of cleaning. Increased endorphins levels in the body, in turn, prompt the body to release dopamine when it is under stress to reduce mental tension, depression and offer a sense of well being. 

Dopamine helps with improving the mood and alleviates the sign of depression to a greater level. For people with moderate stress, cleaning can also act as therapy. 

6) Cleaning promotes a healthy and happy relationship.

Sharing space with family members, friends or other mates needs maintenance of every form; the same is the case with cleaning. Doing this can be tricky as not everyone in a house is on the same terms with cleanliness as you are, so eventually, it becomes hard to maintain a healthy relationship. All of this can negatively impact relationships. 

Dust all over the place, cluttered environment, dirty dishes; all of this can cause resentment and be a source of bad feelings, which can negatively affect relationships and your mental health.

So if you want to keep your mind stress free and healthy, it is a must to clean your house regularly. You can also invest in professional cleaning services to facilitate the cleaning process. One such company is Goldenpest which provides premium cleaning services in Dubai, UAE.

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