How to clean Carpet Stains in a right way? Expert Tips

carpet cleaning

Getting stains on a clean carpet is almost unavoidable, no matter how careful you are. Pet mishaps, spilled drink and nail paint, and blood can leave unsightly stains.

But don’t worry; with a little time and the appropriate technique, you can easily remove stains on the carpet yourself or hire a professional carpet cleaning in Dubai to ease your burdens. Make sure to hire a company that provides affordable carpet cleaning service cost with an impeccable experience in the particular field.

carpet cleaning

ProTip: Stains can be hard or impossible to clean if left for too long, so if you see a stain, deal with it immediately, and always vacuum your carpets before doing any cleaning. It will remove all the bits that can be caught by your vacuum cleaner and will make your job easier.

There are various ways to remove different types of carpet stains. In this article, we will discuss some of these ways and share some tips to remove carpet stains effectively. Let’s dive in!

How to remove coffee stains from the carpet?

You’re just sitting there, minding your own business, enjoying your coffee, and next thing you know, Boom. It spills all over the carpet, and now you’ve got a clean-up job to do.

  • Well, the first thing to do is blot like a mad person. Get your paper towels or a pile of towels to blot as much coffee as possible. Remove as much liquid as possible, giving you way less work to do.
  • Get one cup of hydrogen peroxide and 1/2 tablespoon of dish soap in a container; pour the mixture into a clean spray bottle.
  • Now get a bunch of white towels, anything that’s colored, you run the risk of dye transfer, and you don’t want that.
  • Get a steam iron; make sure it has a lot of steam and a bowl full of water.
  • Spray the mixture of hydrogen peroxide and dish soap over the coffee stain.
  • Take a towel, dunk it in the water, and lay it on the stained area.
  • Now take the steam iron on full steam and put it down on the towel right over the stain; leave it there for 15 to 20 seconds.

Repeat the process 20 to 25 times, and eventually, the stain will come up, and your carpet will look amazing.

coffee stains

ProTip: Hydrogen Peroxide has bleaching properties on certain surfaces, so test it on a hidden area to avoid bleaching the whole carpet.

How to get bloodstains out of the carpet?

There is no way of talking about bloodstains without sounding awkward. Either something terrible has happened on your carpet, or you have stepped on something sharp. Anyway, no one wants a bloodstain on their carpet, and thankfully there’s a quick solution to get rid of it.

bloodstains on carpet
  • Blood dries fast, so it is important to blot the stain as much as possible and as quickly as possible.
  • Get some paper towels and start blotting up the bloodstain very quickly.
  • Once you’ve blotted the blood, you will be left with a stain.
  • Mix two parts (2 tablespoons) of hydrogen peroxide to one part (1 tablespoon) of dish soap.
  • Gently stir the mixture, gently apply it to the stain, and leave it there for a couple of minutes.
  • Then take a cloth and start blotting the stain again.

Once the stain is gone, use cold water to remove the soap residue, or else you will have a little stain once it is dried.

ProTip: Don’t use too much product because it’s so hard to easily extract liquid and goopy stuff.

How to remove pet stains from the carpet?

Honestly, pets are lovely but not perfect. They have their share of accidents that can leave anyone frustrated. In this case, blotting is also very important.

  • Get a lot of paper towels, start pressing down & lift it up. Repeat this process many times. The idea here is to press up and suck up as much of that urine as possible.
  • Don’t use the same paper towel again and again. Go for the fresh one, and that way, you’re to suck as much of the urine out of the carpet as you can.
  • Now, mix the solution of equal parts of white vinegar and water. 
  • Pour the mixture into a clean spray bottle and spray it over the stain.

Start pressing up again with clean paper towels, and keep going until you get rid of the stain.

 pet stains on carpet

ProTip: Sprinkle baking soda (natural odor absorber) over the area to remove bad odor. Leave it there for 24 hours, and then vacuum it all up. 

How to clean grease stains out of the carpet?

According to a study, 71% of people found grease stains tougher to remove than other stains. Grease stains can be tough to remove but not impossible. Baking soda will remove the grease and the odors associated with it.

  • Apply baking soda freely over the stain and work it deep into the carpet fibers with a spoon.
  • Leave it on the carpet to dry for a couple of minutes, and then vacuum it all up.
  • Repeat the steps until the stain is completely vanished.
grease stains on carpet

ProTip: Don’t scrub or rub if you’ve stains on the carpet. Only use blotting and patting motions to remove them.

Stains are definitely a pain, but the good news is there are solutions, and they work. The idea here is to treat them fast and with the right techniques and products.

Finally, if you’re stuck on a stain and can’t get rid of it, you can always hire the best carpet cleaning in Dubai. They have equipment and products that you don’t have access to and deal with all types of carpet cleaning, including Persian carpet cleaning in Dubai.

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