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Commercial Pest Control-Boon or Bane? Here’s all you need to know.

Our families, colleagues and people nearby are not the only ones living inhabiting or working in an establishment. Be it […]

Things you should take care of while disinfecting your home.

We all believe in nurturing healthy habits and keeping clean surroundings. There are two reasons for this: one, to lead […]

Most frequent questions asked by people looking for a pest control service

Do you have a pest problem? Do you find yourself tackling bugs, cockroaches every other day? Don’t worry! You are […]

5 things to know before hiring a Disinfection & Sanitization company in Dubai.

Sanitization and disinfection of your homes, offices, and workplaces can’t be ignored at any cost. Prior to the coronavirus outbreak, […]

Simple tips to choose the best deep cleaning service in Dubai for your home

Bright summers are here and it is time to refresh your home by giving it a neat and clean look. […]

Things To Do This Spring To Keep Your House Clean

Spring is a sign to start dancing among the newly blooming flowers and catching colored butterflies. So, open your windows […]

Booking a pest control company in Dubai easier than you think. Here is How!

1995 saw the advent of Dot com Bubble and it paved a way for the information age and an economy […]

Tips & Tricks for saving your costly furniture from harmful termites in Dubai

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just finding out a budding love for interior design, odds are always good. And […]

Know About the Most Dangerous Pests in the World

Pests are not only annoying, but they are dangerous too. Wikipedia defines a pest as an animal or plant detrimental […]

Various insect bites and stings you should know!

One insect bite or sting is enough to turn a perfect day into a nightmare at the emergency ward of […]

About Bed Bugs in Dubai

What are bed bugs? The bed bug is a pest that feeds on the blood of humans and other warm-blooded […]

How to get rid of common summer Pests in Dubai & UAE

While pests in UAE are a year-round nuisance, but some of them become most active in warmer months of the […]

Rodent Borne Diseases

Rodent born diseases are carried by rodents such as rats, mice and bats and can be transmitted to humans in […]


Effects on Human Pesticides are the toxic substances used to manage pest problem in homes, parks, schools, agricultural fields, buildings, […]


Life in Dubai and sharjah is moving at a very rapid pace and residents don’t get much time to solve […]

Five natural methods you never tried to control bed bugs.

Till now, you must have tried and exhausted all the methods to control the bed bugs but the bed bugs […]

Five Facts about bed bugs that will blow your mind: Pest Control Dubai.

Life in the Dubai is tantalizing as well as rewarding but hot and humid climate drives the air out of […]

How world would look like without pestcontrol?

Can you imagine having to live with thousands of roaches spreading bacteria and eggs all over your home because you […]

Pest Control Dubai a necessity not a luxury! These signs tell us why?

Before turning into an expat, Dubai was a city of dreams for me.A bustling metropolis full of life, sky touching […]

Best Way to Get Rid of Cockroaches in Dubai

Are Cockroaches in your home and you are trying your best to get rid of them, yet they still come back? Also […]

Choosing Residential Pest Control Services in Dubai! 6 tips

Is your home being infested with pests and they are all around? Are you on the lookout for effective and […]

Check your Apartment for the Bedbug Treatments in Dubai

No Doubt these are one of the most common pests (Bedbug) in today’s society. As there as being increase in […]

Beware of fraudulent pest control in Dubai- Here’s how?

The upsurge in temperature in Dubai causes pests to look for shade, food, and a hideout. They eventually find a […]

5 tips for terminating pests from gardens in Dubai

We all love to have a garden of our own. We do hard work right from planting the seeds to […]

5 reasons to invest in pest control in Dubai

Pest control includes all the methods and practices of keeping the pests away. It includes more than just the usage […]

5 Things you should know about pest control in Dubai

A pest is any organism which has harmful effects on humans, their food, and their living conditions. They are the unwanted guests […]

Top Five Diseases Spread by Mosquitoes in Dubai & How to control them

If you will be questioned about the most dangerous animal on this planet earth, what is going to be your […]

How to Kill Bed Bugs in Dubai using organic methods:

Have you ever annoyed your friends with that eerie saying “Goodnight, sleep tight, don’t let the bedbugs bite “? And […]

Dangerous Spider Species that can cause fatal stings.

Are you afraid of creepy, scary spidery eyes that seem to be staring right through your soul? Is there itching […]

Unknown Myths about spiders busted & how to control the diseases spread by them

In Dubai summer at this time of year is just about full swing but this hot climate can bring creepy, crawly […]

Scorpions can be deadly .Know how to get rid of them in Dubai, UAE.

The sands of the UAE hide many dangers – Creepy-crawlies among which scorpions lead the list. Some are quite prepared to […]

5 Tips to drive Rodents away from your home & offices in Dubai, UAE

As the weather of UAE turns colder, rodents may enter your home or offices in search of a new shelter […]

5 handy hacks to fight pests for millennial living alone in Dubai

Even though summer is coming to an end, pests In Dubai are still enjoying the warm temperatures and an infestation […]

What does the future hold for Pest Control industry in Dubai

Soaring high temperature, perpetual hot climate and surging humidity in Dubai makes it perfect to offer favorable conditions for pest […]

Top 5 industries in Dubai which harness benefits from Pest-control services

Capitalizing its business-friendly policies, Dubai not only emerged as an economic capital of UAE (United Arab Emirates) but has also […]

How to protect yourself from Bees in Dubai, UAE

Bees are an important part of healthy ecosystem, but when they try to invade in your habitat, they can be […]

How Technologies Reshape Pest Control Services in Dubai

The world is changing every day. Whether its small changes or incredible leaps done by a large group or just […]

Strange Pest Control Myths You Are Unaware About

Some pests get a bad blow from time to time .But what about illogical assumptions? For years, we’ve been hearing […]