Things To Do This Spring To Keep Your House Clean

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Spring is a sign to start dancing among the newly blooming flowers and catching colored butterflies. So, open your windows as the weather starts to warm up. Besides, it’s time to make a few preparations to get your house organized and sparkling clean!

The idea of spring cleaning can be a scary one because of viewing it as a huge job. But don’t try to do it all in just one go. Set aside time for one or two rooms each weekend. It will definitely ease your job. Apart from a cleaner and an attractive house, there are plenty of other reasons of why one should go for spring clean- one of the hidden benefits of cleaning every nook and cranny is that you’ll come across items that you had lost years ago which is like finding hidden treasure. 😉

Spring cleaning is a big job but it feels so good when it’s finally done. Nowadays it’s even easier to check off everything on your to-clean list because many professional companies provide cleaning services in Dubai.

1. Organize and clear clutter-

One of the huge parts of spring cleaning is getting rid of the clutter that you don’t need anymore. Start getting rid of the items that are putting you down and start fresh with a more systematic lifestyle. Sort your belongings into different categories like trash, give-away, store, etc.

Try to make it a habit of throwing out things you don’t need and encourage others to do the same. Also, try to bring less clutter in your home- buy in bulk in less packaging and throw out the junk. Cleaning becomes a lot easier when the clutter is gone.

2. Clean room-by-room-

To deep clean your home at any time of the year, the best way is to approach your house room-by-room. Deep clean the areas of your home that really need extra attention. You can skip the items that have recently been cleaned and try to focus on the parts of your home that were neglected all winter long.

A clean room not only looks good but it also affects your mental health as it results in:

  • More productivity
  • Improved quality of sleep
  • Better self-esteem
  • Happier state of mind

3. Deep carpet cleaning is a must-

Whether you have coffee stains, crayon marks or simply a build-up of everyday dust and dirt, all carpets need a little care and attention. But what makes it scary for many homeowners is the effort involved in moving furniture and waiting for the fibres to dry. You can use natural baking powder or carpet shampoo for cleaning but if you still think you won’t be able to do it, you can call professional cleaning services in Dubai who are there to provide hassle-free services and giving you stain-free carpets.

Now you can enjoy fresher and brighter looking room!

4. Sofa cleaning-

How many of you consider cleaning sofa on a regular basis? No many; probably because cleaning a sofa is not an easy task. “Sofa” is one the highest traffic areas of the house as both the guests as well as the host use it on daily basis.

It is recommended by the professionals to check the cleaning instructions first. If your sofa comes with a care label, study it properly and clean as per the given instructions. If not and you are not sure about how to clean it, then it’s better to hire professionals that offer full-range sofa cleaning services in Dubai.

5. Grapple with the seasonal chores-

Spring is the right time to do some special seasonal chores that are ignored for most of the fall and winter. These chores need to be done only once a year or seasonally, but are equally important.  To get started, here are a few tasks that should be done as you prepare for the long, bright summer months-

  • Wash all your windows, inside and out. Newspaper and window cleaner helps.
  • Wipe and dust the ceiling fans as they can get quite filthy.
  • Clean the smoke detectors and make sure they are working.
  • Tackle the garage separately. Who knows what treasure you might find in there? 😉
  • Clean outdoor light fixtures.
  • Lastly, don’t forget to clean your garden.

When finished, put your feet up and enjoy your beautiful home – because you deserve a break!

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