Five Facts about bed bugs that will blow your mind

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Life in Dubai is tantalizing as well as rewarding but hot and humid climate drives the air out of the hot balloon and brings unusual and unwanted guests to your home.

Any wild guesses, who they are? Well, I am obviously not a mind reader but I know what you are thinking about and you are right in your thinking; the unexpected and ugly guests are bed bugs.

As a victim of Bed Bug infestation, you might be wondering what new is going to be discussed that you don’t know already. Right

Bed bugs are filthy, sticky and ugly creature’s. They feed on humans while they are asleep, cause itchy, red bumps and are difficult to get hold of. This is what you learned in school right?

Hold your breath, as I am going to discuss with you, five weird facts about bed bugs that you never knew before.


Don’t be shocked, its, not a paper degree we get in the universities but a practical one which is quite useful in the current unskilled world.

I am Serious, not joking at all. The bed bug is an expert anesthesiologist who injects the two hollow tubes into the body of the host. The first tube is used by the Bed Bug to numb the area and prevent the blood from clotting while the other completes the sucking.

This all happens with minimal discomfort to the host. Now you know the reason, why you kept sleeping while the bed bug was having a blood meal.


Now the blood meal that they sucked should worry you and make you more vigilant. You don’t want them to have one more meal but starve them to death. Good enough.

But what if I tell you they can survive without your blood meal for one long year at 10 C but at room temperature, they will last for three months at normal room temperature.

If starvation is the only weapon you are left with then I am afraid you have to make yourself ready for another bed bug feast. 


From the high-rise building in Dubai to the slums of a small city, these filthy pests can be found everywhere. They don’t discriminate against the rich and poor like we humans normally do. What satisfies them is a warm-blooded host, as long as the host remains hospitable living conditions don’t matter. 


As we know the bed bugs are nocturnal in nature, they come for a blood meal when you are fast asleep. Research conducted by American journal shows that in half of the bite cases, no marks were found on the host which means a person may be bitten by the bugs without even knowing about them. Sounds strange, isn’t! 


If you think that bed bugs are ugly and filthy you are right to some extent. They may be slow but not dimwit. The bugs make strategies, when you are fast asleep and reach in every possible location.

They crawl, creep and manage a free fall from the ceiling straight to your bed numb your skin for another blood meal. Don’t take them for granted.

If you are having a bed bug infestation in your home or office, it’s better to treat that with the help of a professional. Contact a licensed Bed Bug Control Company in Dubai for effective treatment of all pest-related infestations.

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