Strange Pest Control Myths You Are Unaware About

Pest Control Myths

Some pests get a bad blow from time to time . But what about illogical assumptions? For years, we’ve been hearing some untruthful statements regarding bugs and pest control.
Our planet is full of weird information and pest control is no exception. These tiny, creepy creatures have been part of homes and commercial spaces from ages; there are various myths that have developed over a period of time.

From ancient times, one of the well-known myths regarding earwigs is that they crawl into people’s ears to lay eggs. However, it\’s not possible. It’s extremely rare for an earwig to crawl into your ear. People from every corner of the world are juggling with these wired myths and Dubai is no exception to this. There are tons of myths and untruths about pests in your home.

In this write-up, we debunk the myths about pests and work to bring light to the importance of tackling pest problems the right way. 

Clean your house and say goodbye to king of bed i.e., Bed Bugs? Mice like cheese? Seeing a cockroach doesn’t mean your house is dirty? To help you not fall for such tricks, Golden Falcon has provided a set of pest control myths you should be aware of: 

Myth #1-Apply bug spray when the sun goes down

Many of us believe that creepy crawlers come out only in dark, thus we do the mistake of applying bug or insect spray when it is dusk. But it is no more than a myth as these insects can even attack you during the day. Be it dark or light, it is good to stay prepared, always.

Myth #2 – Rodents love cheese

Mice love cheese is a concept that works well in Tom and Jerry. Remember Tom’s cheese trap and how much Jerry struggled to fetch a piece of cheese? Well coming back from the cartoon world there are various other rational ways to bait these creatures. While it may have some level of effectiveness, mice have a high preference for sugary foods such as peanut butter, cookies, and cereal. In fact, expert’s advise keeping the mice traps in places that are not easily accessible by kids or pets. You might just put them at risk.
Honestly speaking, taming mice and rodents is a tricky job. Don’t worry if you are living in Dubai it is advised to avail services of professionals from pest control services in Dubai.

Myth #3 – Rats are dirty and filthy

This is the most untruthful tale regarding rats. Close your eyes and think about Stuart little, do you find him cloudy? Well talking technically, Rats are clean and spend more than half of their time cleaning their quarters. If you can keenly inspect a rat hive, you will find that has quarters where the rats go to poop and pee, which is separate from where they sleep similar to that of dogs.

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Myth 4# – No need to call professionals until there is an infestation

We usually try to be experts on our own and test various pest control ways but end up with an infestation. Pests can be a threat to life as well as property, it is strongly recommended of hiring a pest control company at the earliest. There is no point in waiting as the professional way is always the best.

Myth #5– Half lemon + Cloves = No ants

Well, this is one weird trick we came across. Well, if you don’t believe why don’t you try it? We are sure you will find the ants walking past the lemon pierced with. So, yes this is just another myth.

Myth #6– Pest Control Can Be Risky for Health

This is another misconception that prevents people from seeking professional help. In fact, pest control companies in Dubai are very concerned about the health aspect. Hence, the chemicals employed are eco-friendly and much safer than products from the past. So, don’t be afraid of availing these services.

All pest activity disappears after treatment.

One of the most common myths about pest control and other areas is that all pests activity will be gone immediately after the extermination and eradication process.

In truth, it may take more than one treatment or routine treatments to rid your home or structure of pests. In some cases, pests may lay eggs (such as insects whose eggs can take three weeks to hatch); the use of a certain method may only kill the adults and nymphs but not the eggs. Therefore, the risk of a recurrence cannot be overlooked. Many pest control methods require repeat treatment. 

Take away – To avoid the risk factor, we recommend you select the best pest companies in Dubai that work under safety standards. You have the right to ask your pest control company about the products they are going to use as a part of the treatments.

No doubt that there are various myths about pest – control, but the truth is that leaving the issue unattended can lead to concern. Hence, it is better to get the information confirmed by experienced professionals. It will save you from a lot of difficulties and additional cost.

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