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We all believe in nurturing healthy habits and keeping clean surroundings. There are two reasons for this: one, to lead a healthy, sickness-free life, and second, to have a pleasing surrounding. Therefore, disinfecting your home is important.

We tend to adopt everyday cleaning habits. But our homes and other establishments are often threatened by the invasion of germs and pests. This renders these places unhygienic. It also turns them into breeding places of diseases, epidemics, and can lead to  pandemics. 

As our fight against the deadliest COVID-19  continues, scientists around the world scourge for a cure. Amidst this, the best fit advice is to stay indoors or quarantined when sick. Be it the homes, hospitals, or the quarantine centers, not only is the aloofness necessary, but regular sanitation and disinfection of homes, office and public places is also important. And after they recover, the facility’s disinfection is essential to prevent any recurrence of the infection. This thorough cleaning of patient grounds with complete eradication of any surface of contact is a critical duty. 

Thus, disinfection comes into the limelight. Our homes, workplaces, recreation, and recovery centers need to be disinfected every once in a while. Disinfecting will not only disperse the probable threat of infection but will allow us to plan carefree and live happily.

Make sure you consult a professional disinfection company in Dubai if you are lacking resources for a DIY.

Let’s discuss these practices that come in handy in this process of disinfection.

Measures for the valuable life:

What measures you should take when disinfecting or sanitizing your home? Read ahead to find out.

1. Wearing protection gear, mask, and gloves when dealing with liquid disinfectants is imperative. Both long-term and short-term contacts with these chemicals can cause harm of varying magnitudes to the skin.

2.To be mindful about keeping the area ventilated for the resulting poisonous fumes to escape is crucial. A mixture of Chlorine (a disinfectant) and Ammonia (a cleaner) yields a toxic gas that can harm the lungs. This can cause death in the absence of ventilation.

3.Clearing the place of any food or drinking items that you plan to consume later.

4.To isolate the place off of humans and pets. Those with a weaker immune system or the ill should not be allowed to contact these disinfected surfaces. Remember, these chemicals are poisonous to the pathogens and harmful to any other life forms as well

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How to use chemicals when disinfecting your home:

Special care should be taken while disinfecting your home with chemicals. Some chemicals may be harmful and if the correct guidelines are not followed then problems may arise.

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What steps need to be followed, you may ask. Here’s the list:

1. Always look for instructions despite what the neighborhood guy Jafar says. Disinfectants working alone or in combination should be used in a specific format and amount. This makes them work effectively.

2.Watch out for the right proportion of contents of the mentioned chemical nature to be put to use. You must understand that chemical reactions yield products that differ with the amount of reactant and processes employed.

3.All disinfectants obey a “still and act” rule wherein allowing a particular time after the disinfectant’s application alone will perform its job. The ideal time is 4-10 minutes, during which the disinfectant can effectively kill the germs and bacteria.

4.While beginning the disinfection process, clear surfaces of any dirt to apply the disinfectants. Using soap water or any sanitizer spray is fine to initiate your homes and facilities’ disinfection.

Following that, apply the disinfectants and let them air dry. The disinfectant is ineffective if its contents dry too soon. Therefore, more coats should be used.

5. After disinfection, wash your hands with soap to stay free of any infection. In case of any reaction, seek medical intervention and avoid usage of that disinfectant at once.

6. Disinfection is a thorough process hence a task of tediousness and utter dedication. Know the areas to be covered with the disinfectants and clean them well. The doorknobs, faucets, kitchen surfaces, and other surfaces that directly contact the people living or visiting should be targeted. Improper spraying or inadequacy of proportionate contents will also lead to ineffective disinfection and hence prove to be a wastage of your time and efforts.

Note: Disinfection is not an everyday process to perform. Besides having to deal with harmful chemicals, and the precautions that follow, excessive use of chemicals, according to some studies, is giving birth to superbugs and many disease-resistant microbes. 

Besides, the polluted water and the fumes coming out of the procedures pose the subsequent challenges of pollution for us humans. Hence, one must make restricted use of these disinfectants for our sake and the sake of the environment.

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